About Newport Robotics Group (NRG948)

Club benefits for students:

  • Teamwork towards a common goal
  • Learn real world technical skills
  • Student leadership
  • Competitive sport (can earn letter)
  • Build a network of friends inside and outside school
  • Real world presentation skills presenting to sponsors and peers

This year, our robotics team consists of about 120+ students in grades 9-12. The general cycle of activities the club concentrates on is determined by the schuedule of the FIRST Robotics Competition (FIRST RC) which is the governing body of the competition we compete in.

During the months of October to December we are again gearing up for the next season - recruiting and training new student members of the club, helping in FLL leagues, and organizing our workshop. The club is organized into a set of sub-groups with students participating in one or more of the groups.

The FIRST organization releases the details of the copetition in the month of January - this details the rules of the competition for all teams participating. During the months of January and March, we are busy building our robot and getting ready for competition.

Between April and September, we are giving back to our community by participating in Summer Parades, Scouting Merit Badge Workshops, Elementary School Science Fairs, Engineering Programs for students, and holding Food Donation Drives.


We are a team of proud students under the FIRST Organization. FIRST stands for “For Inspiration of Science and Technology.” Founded by Dean Kamen, the inventor of the Segway Scooter, this organization works together with students of all ages across the nation and around the world to bring a new spin to an old pursuit. Dean Kamen created FIRST “to transform our culture by creating a world where science and technology are celebrated and where young people dream of becoming science and technology heroes.” It is a worthy alternative to sporting events in its competitive, yet friendly methods of spreading knowledge about science, technology, and engineering. The core tenet and catchphrase of FIRST is “Gracious Professionalism,” an idea which encapsulates the camaraderie found at FIRST Events. As a phrase, it conjures images of kind and friendly interaction with other teams. As a lifestyle, it begs competition, but not in a vicious way. Rather, it brings teams together to achieve a common goal and together develop innovative ways to solve difficult problems.

FIRST’s Mission Statement: “Our mission is to inspire young people to be science and technology leaders, by engaging them in exciting mentor-based programs that build science, engineering and technology skills, that inspire innovation, and that foster well-rounded life capabilities including self-confidence, communication and leadership.”

Please Visit the FIRST website for more information!

Photo of Robert Doran

Robert Doran
Faculty Advisor

Science teacher by day, mad scientist by night.

Photo of Miku Hanatate

Miku Hanatate

Miku loves dancing the Cotton-Eye Joe.

Photo of Soham Pant

Soham Pant

Soham is an expert on all things biking.

Photo of Jai Singh

Jai Singh
VP Mechanical

Jai is very excited the Cubs have won a World Series in his lifetime.

Photo of Delphine Lepeintre

Delphine Lepeintre
VP Systems & Outreach Captain

Delphine loves making sandwiches at Jimmy Johns.

Photo of Mayank Motukuri

Mayank Motukuri
VP Programming

Mayank enjoys when people make puns from his name.

Photo of Malick Sere

Malick Sere
VP Cad

Malick plays the tuba and is as tall as a tuba.

Photo of Victoria Huynh

Victoria Huynh
VP Marketing

Victoria likes to make bad puns and listen to musicals.

Photo of Erik Choi

Erik Choi
VP Business

Erik loves moonlit nights, long walks on the beach, and unicorns.

Photo of Reese Velton

Reese Velton
Drive Coach

Reese frequently spends time browsing iFunny.

Photo of Yerin Yang

Yerin Yang
Media Co-Captain

Yerin is very excited for the new Pokemon game to come out.

Photo of Krystal Graylin

Krystal Graylin
Media Co-Captain

Krystal loves being adorable and everyone loves her.